Most recent FAQ part 1

We will start write down the most recent FAQ part 1. These FAQ will be in English, for those who lack of English, please use google translate instead. Let's start.

Q1 : Who are you?
A1 : We just bunch of people who want to help you!

Q2 : What you provide for us?
A2 : We provide fresh direct download links of ongoing raw anime.

Q3 : Where the source of these raw?
A3 : Mostly taken from leopard-raw and ohys-raw.

Q4 : Why you so eager to provide these direct download links, we could use torrent otherwise.
A4 : Yes, you could. But some people with limited-access internet sometime can't download from torrent.

Q5 : What anime you provide? Would you allowed us to request specific anime?
A5 : Too much to be write down here, but mostly ongoing anime. Yes of course, if the source is available we would.

Q6 : What kind of links you provided to us?
A6 : We chose a good quality filehosting such as; tusfiles and uptobox.

Q7 : Do you have your own ddl links for us?
A7 : Yes, it called Rawr. No limit speed and no waiting time.

Q8 : Do you provide english subtitles?
A8 : At the moment no, we will think about it.

Q9 : Can you provide for us (fansub) specific raw anime with certain channel?
A9 : I'm sorry, we could not. We are not in Japan, we don't have capper anime.

Q10 : How long availability of those active ddl links?
A10 : Tusfiles = 180 days (avarage speed), Uptobox = 90 days (max speed with waiting time), Rawr = 35 days (max speed with no waiting time).

Will write the next 10 Frequenly Asked Question nextime!

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