How many of you watch Tokyo Ghoul?

Anyone here watch Tokyo Ghoul Anime? This fantasy anime set in Tokyo and the story just like ghoul who haunted for humans life. The story is quite good and nice, but there are some I couldn't understand. Why Kaneki who encountered with Rize (ghoul) and in order to save his life, the doctor switch the organs from Rize to Kaneki, but it doesn't mean that Kaneki could be one of them (ghoul), does it?

Well, but so many things happened after Kaneki obtained his new power. I still don't know which side is good and wich side is bad. All of them devour human. Well letsee if I could find an interesting from this Anime.

How about you guys? Do you have some reviews on it? Tell me :D
どのようにあなたたちはどうですか?あなたはそれにいくつかのレビューを持っていますか?教えてください :D

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