Happy new year 2015

Happy new year 2015! Hope all your wishe will come true. We hope that the next year (2015) will be good for us and let's do our best efforts to chase our dreams!

[ ! ] We are no longer provide video [ ! ]

Please note, we are no longer provide RAW video for winter season. But we will keep mirroring previous season anime. If you want to ask why, please comment here and we will try to answer your question. Thank you


[! ]私たちは、もはやビデオ[を提供されていません! ]

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Re: No title

> excuse me, i cannot access to the site. and I want to see the animes around 2010. can you fix it?

I am sorry, we do not have archive anime around 2010. But I could help you to fulfill title of Anime specificly. Just mention one or two anime, I will try my best to search it and post it.
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