RAW Stream Provided by Uptobox

Now you can watch uploaded RAW via uptobox directly. Lately uptobox now create stream which linked from uploaded files. The stream itself named uptostream.

How to use?
To access this, you should replace the main url of our linked uploaded files via uptobox. For example:
I have an existing link http://uptobox.com/9ieb2088e4ef so we just have to rename it to http://uptostream.com/9ieb2088e4ef. Pretty easy, isn't?

The RAW stream provided by uptobox itself contained 3 formats. It is 360p, 480p, and 720p (the original one). It's very recommended for raw video provider on fansubs especially timer and translator to make it more faster. Have your tried before? If you no, then try it ^^

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