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Hi guys, thank you still with us. I would like to inform you, these days I have been busy with my real life's work. I am unable to provide raw anime fast as I used before. At least I need 2 days or 3 days to update raw anime. Summary in a week, I will update 2 or 3 times. The released raw anime might be delayed because of this.

Please note, we do not have staff around, so it is a bit difficult for me to update this stuff alone @_@

Thank you for your understanding.


私たちは周りのスタッフを持っていない、注意してくださいので、私だけではこのようなものを更新することは少し難しいですしてください@ _@


Happy new year 2015

Happy new year 2015! Hope all your wishe will come true. We hope that the next year (2015) will be good for us and let's do our best efforts to chase our dreams!

[ ! ] We are no longer provide video [ ! ]

Please note, we are no longer provide RAW video for winter season. But we will keep mirroring previous season anime. If you want to ask why, please comment here and we will try to answer your question. Thank you


[! ]私たちは、もはやビデオ[を提供されていません! ]

Tohsaka rin server out of bandwidth

We are sorry to announce that, our main server Tohsaka rin can not provide more bandwidth. Less than 1 month, almost 4 TB spent to bandwidth and averages 35 Mbps or around 3500 KB/s has been utilized. We will move the files which is not available on Tohsaka rin server next month. Please notice me to do that.

我々はそれを発表して申し訳ございませんが、私たちのメインサーバ遠坂RINはより多くの帯域幅を提供することはできません。少ない1月より、ほぼ4 TBは帯域幅に過ごし、平均で35 Mbpsまたは周りの3500キロバイト/ sが利用されている。私たちは、来月遠坂のRINサーバ上で利用できないファイルを移動します。これを行うために私に注意してください。
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