High Utilization Bandwidth

Good night everybody! Konbanwa minna-san!
Recently, we stopped our Rawr services and change to another name named Tohsaka Rin. Last month we decided to put an end Rawr DDL service. So, we just came back and this time it's called by Tohsaka Rin.

All thanks to \dev\sda for providing us free DDL premium for Koleksi RAW Anime. As soon as Tohsaka Rin server up, the utulization bandwidth definetely high. See the picture below:

click here for max size

If you use download manager software, we highly recommend to limit concurrent connection to 4 MAX. For security reasons, we will limit the speed connections. This is a must, we experienced an unstable network in the past (first time Tohsaka Rin server launched).

The files in Tohsaka Rin server will be kept for 28 days or 4 weeks since first upload. Any Question? Please write here.

Uplink Issue

We have several issues regarding connectivity. As you know, Koleksi RAW Anime right now currently offline due to internet's uplink problem. We deeply very sorry about the sudden downtime. Meanwhile, please wait for few hours later.

私たちは本当に申し訳ありません。 m(_ _)m

Premium DDL Alternatives Temporary

We already shutted down our premium ddl link. We are really sorry that we could not bring you the best effort we had. Honestly I could not support premium ddl link any longer at the moment. I really want to ask you to bring our premium ddl link back to alive.

We really need some donations to build new premium ddl server! We really appreciated if you can donate for us! At least, we need 30 USD to start new premium link DDL and last for 3 months!

For time being, please use one of these provided links: tusfiles, uptobox and hugefiles.

Send any donation by paypal to [ dcyber09 (at) gmail . com ]

About Downtime

We experienced server down for a while. We will working for it and will bring the server go up as soon as possible. Meanwhile, please wait in your seat and have a coffee.
Our technicians are investigaing a node issue and will restore connectivity when it's done.

Sorry for the convenience m(_ _)m
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