R.I.P Swankshare

It is been few weeks since swankshare has no activity. Few months ago, we used that filehosting service with a great speed download and great availability. But past few weeks ago it looks they are going to down forever. No activity at all, bad maintenance, bad speed sometimes and bad uptime. Actually I have no idea what happens to swankshare, but they did a huge contribute for Koleksi RAW Anime.

As you know, swankshare offers free account with unbeatable speed download. They just rely on donated fund via payoneer only. Unfortunately I don't have payoneer account :( then can't support them as they wished.
Respect to swankshare o.o >

So, what you think of swankshare? Do you have any thoughts?

RAW Stream Provided by Uptobox

Now you can watch uploaded RAW via uptobox directly. Lately uptobox now create stream which linked from uploaded files. The stream itself named uptostream.

How to use?
To access this, you should replace the main url of our linked uploaded files via uptobox. For example:
I have an existing link http://uptobox.com/9ieb2088e4ef so we just have to rename it to http://uptostream.com/9ieb2088e4ef. Pretty easy, isn't?

The RAW stream provided by uptobox itself contained 3 formats. It is 360p, 480p, and 720p (the original one). It's very recommended for raw video provider on fansubs especially timer and translator to make it more faster. Have your tried before? If you no, then try it ^^

Most recent FAQ part 1

We will start write down the most recent FAQ part 1. These FAQ will be in English, for those who lack of English, please use google translate instead. Let's start.

Q1 : Who are you?
A1 : We just bunch of people who want to help you!

Q2 : What you provide for us?
A2 : We provide fresh direct download links of ongoing raw anime.

Q3 : Where the source of these raw?
A3 : Mostly taken from leopard-raw and ohys-raw.

Q4 : Why you so eager to provide these direct download links, we could use torrent otherwise.
A4 : Yes, you could. But some people with limited-access internet sometime can't download from torrent.

Q5 : What anime you provide? Would you allowed us to request specific anime?
A5 : Too much to be write down here, but mostly ongoing anime. Yes of course, if the source is available we would.

Q6 : What kind of links you provided to us?
A6 : We chose a good quality filehosting such as; tusfiles and uptobox.

Q7 : Do you have your own ddl links for us?
A7 : Yes, it called Rawr. No limit speed and no waiting time.

Q8 : Do you provide english subtitles?
A8 : At the moment no, we will think about it.

Q9 : Can you provide for us (fansub) specific raw anime with certain channel?
A9 : I'm sorry, we could not. We are not in Japan, we don't have capper anime.

Q10 : How long availability of those active ddl links?
A10 : Tusfiles = 180 days (avarage speed), Uptobox = 90 days (max speed with waiting time), Rawr = 35 days (max speed with no waiting time).

Will write the next 10 Frequenly Asked Question nextime!

Struggling Time

Good morning folks, just want to tell you I'm struggling with Tusfiles right now. I am not sure why but whenever I tried to upload files it always error messages. One of released (just few minutes ago I had struggling with) was Baby Steps Episode 18. It's been few times I tried to upload but can't do, the messages always said "wrong path file". So usersfiles might be a good idea.

Some of you should notice that Rawr ddl link gave a message "Forbidden". Really sorry about this, I just noticed it a hour ago but now fixed. Happy download!
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